Palekastro Village

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Palekastro is a small village at the east end of the mediterranean island Crete. It stands on historical soil. Already at Minoan times the region was a centre of trade. The port of Itanos which is today several meters under the water line shows an impressive certification. And the very extensive Minoan commercial settlement Roussolakkos [...]


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The ideal way to explore the area of East Crete, by walking on coastal paths, ascending the highest peaks and crossing spectacular gorges. Each season gives magnificent colors and interests. We guide you off the beaten paths, in Crete’s rich flora and fauna and on mountainous villages to meet the “authentic” Cretans and our traditions. [...]


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While Palekastro is developing as a resort it still remains a genuine working agricultural town. Palekastro holidays appeal to those looking for holiday amenities mixed with plenty of normal unaffected Crete town life and a good centre for exploring exceptional beaches and the wilder areas of eastern Crete. Itanos Beaches 8 km (far from Ostria [...]

Windsurfing in Kouremenos Beach

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Windsurfing in Kouremenos Beach. Unspoilt by mass tourism, still offers deserted places, idyllic villages and cosy tavernas. What makes this area so attractive is its pristine, authentic atmosphere. Come to Palekastro in summer and you will find everything your windsurfer’s heart could possibly desire – especially if you have been infected with the surfer virus [...]


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The town of Ierapetra (in the local dialect Gerapetro) is located on the south coast of Crete, along the beach of Ierapetra Bay. It lies south of Agios Nikolaos and southwest of Sitia and is an important regional centre. With its 15,400 inhabitants (2001) it is the most populous town in the prefecture of Lasithi, [...]

Sitia Town

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The name Sitia refers both to a port town, with 8,900 inhabitants (2001) and a municipality, with 14,400 inhabitants (2001) in the far east of Crete, in the prefecture of Lasithi.It lies to the east of Agios Nikolaos and to the northeast of Ierapetra. The town is one of the economic centers of the Lasithi [...]

Archaeological Sites

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Archaeological Sites near Palekastro and Sitia in Eastern Crete: Itanos Elia-Rousolakkos, Palekastro Kato Zakros Palace Petras, Sitia Agia Fotia, Sitia Pressos, Sitia Makrigialos, Makrigialos Etia, Chandras Voila, Chandras Hamezi, Sitia Tripitos, Sitia


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Hiking and Gorges in Palekastro – Sitia area: 1. Zakros-Kato Zakros: 7 km length (E4) 2. Chochlakies-Karoumes Beach: 4 km length 3. Xerokambos-Ziros: 8 km length 4. Kapsa gorge in Makrigialos area : 3,5 km length See the Palekastro area photo gallery..

Toplou Monastery

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The historic castle-monastery of Toplou one of the most significant and richest monasteries in Crete, is situated 6 km north from Palekastro. It has a quadrangular shape and it’s surrounded by a strong 10m high wall. Well-preserved 14th century’s frescoes decorate these walls. The history of Toplou is turbulent, hit by pirates and other enemies. [...]


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Museums near Palekastro and Sitia in Eastern Crete: Archaeological Museum in Sitia Folklore Museum in Palekastro Folklore Museum in Sitia Folklore Museum in Pefki, Makrigialos Folklore Museum in Chandras Folklore Museum in Hamezi